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Growth-oriented organizations use collaborative group processes to create change and improve organizational performance.  While collaboration unfolds naturally within partnerships, it does not just evolve on its own within groups.  Inroads can provide your organization with facilitation as a method of inspiring group cohesiveness and synergy in parallel with managing group action toward producing deliverables.

Inroads Consulting provides expert, experienced facilitation that manages your groups process, allowing participants to attend to the content of their work.  Inroads consultants are “process leaders” and focus on managing the process of “how” the group is working together, as well as the “what” or organizational issue, problems, and improvements that are the focus of the workshop.  Group development and organizational outcomes are woven together into one process.

For all workshops our facilitators look to:

  • create an environment in which participants are fully supported to create their own work products
  • lead development of work products, supporting the team in using tools and methodologies, and by facilitating processes to organize participant inputs while developing models for use by the team

All of our workshops are organized around a particular problem or process identified by the leadership in the organization and follows this broad process:

  • Getting Agreement: Creating a clear understanding of the current situation and the future situation that needs to be created. 
  • Developing Solutions: Generating multiple solutions for the content issues as well as how the team will work together to achieve them.
  • Action: Action plans for addressing next steps with clear responsibilities.
  • Implementation: Planning and organization, building in time to review accomplishments/make adjustments, and scheduling follow-up workshop(s).

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