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Sample: Two Day Experiential Action Learning Agenda

The following is a sample agenda for a typical two-day experiential action learning program.  This particular agenda is geared to solving an organizational problem and exploring individual/team collaborative processes.

Day One

  • Introduction
    • Objective, agenda, and expectations
    • Experiential Action Learning process explained
  • Experiential activities
    • Norms development
    • Exploring effective and ineffective individual and team behaviors
    • Transfer of learning to work environment
  • Introduction of organizational work problem
    •  Problem identification
    • Affinity planning
    • Agreement on problem and potential solutions to exploreDebrief of assumptions on work problem                 


  • Understanding self and others personal style
    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (review or administration)
    • Interpretation and development of group profile
    • Discussion on working with styles different from our own
    • Transfer of learning about styles to workplace setting
  • Work on Organizational problem
    • Small group work on solution development
    • Debrief of assumptions on task and individual/team functioning
  • Debrief of day
    • Continued work on individual learning goals
    • Review of team norms and expectation for day two

Day Two

  • Experiential activity
    • Debrief of team and individual learning
    • Reflection on individual learning from day one
  • Work on organization problem
    • Solution development continued
    • Action planning and implementation strategy
    • Debrief of assumptions on task and individual/team functioning


  • Presentation of Action Planning 
  • Debrief of individual and team learning
    • Individual/team goal setting for organizational problem
  • Follow-up meetings scheduled   
  • Final Experiential Activity
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