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Experiential Action LearningExperiential Action Learning is an approach to working with people in small groups to solve relevant organizational problems.   Experiential Action Learning implies both self-development and organizational development.  Individuals learn through a cycle of taking action on meaningful organizational problems, reflecting on their behavior as a team member, and applying new effective strategies for decision making.  Team development occurs in parallel with individual learning as participants take action to solve “real” problems that have immediate application in the workplace.  In short, action on the problem changes both the problem and the individuals acting on it.

Methods and Outcomes

Experiential Action Learning programs apply a unique blend of experiential activities, problem solving strategies, and reflection to affect learning.  This occurs while participants solve work-related issues or engage in a collaborative process to develop organizational strategy.  While participants are engaged in organizational problem solving work, the Experiential Action Learning Coach provides for ongoing periods of review that challenge individuals and work groups to reflect on the practices, norms, and behaviors that enhance or hinder business outcomes.  

The Experiential Action Learning Program at Inroads Consulting seeks to have participants in teams achieve the following outcomes:

  • Understand the effect of personal learning style on collaborative working relationships
  • Develop process for learning how to learn from the “real” work of the organization
  • Work problem solved, strategy developed or process improved
  • Implementation is executed or planned

Experiential Action Learning Programs
Our Experiential Action Learning programs are designed in accordance to the organizational issue and desired individual and work group development goals.  Programs are typically conducted from one – three days based on expected outcomes.  One-day follow-up programs are commonly provided to reflect on progress and build in accountability.  Each program is designed to work with 6 - 30 individuals and can be conducted on or off site.  An Inroads consultant can help custom design activities and learning outcomes that fit around the real work of the organization and the development needs of the team.  Click here for a sample agenda   

For more information on costs and how to get started contact Bob Ward at Inroads Consulting 732-597-5931 or email

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