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Strategic Development & Planning

  • StrategyDo your strategic plans sit on the shelf after being created?
  • Do your strategic plans represent all the stakeholders in your organization?
  • Do your strategic plans get lost in the heat of daily operations?
  • Are your plans tactical or strategic?
  • Do your strategic plans look like a to do list?

Strategic planning is an ongoing effort that gives your business its sense of direction.  It is the first important step to making progress on long and short term goals.  But have you identified the right strategies?  Inroads Consulting can provide you with proven methodologies and formats to help you identify the right strategies, get buy-in from the organization, and provide facilitation and tools that will operationalize your strategic plans.

We offer the following Strategic Planning processes:

Accelerated Business Unit Strategy
This creative, facilitated workshop examines your organizations internal and external landscape to connect your strategy to planning & implementation.  This multi-day workshop gains perspective from your customers, stakeholders, and staff to develop targeted long and short term strategies. 

Future Search Conferences
A highly interactive workshop that engages the whole system in developing your strategic plan.  This is a 2-day facilitated large group process that brings together all the organizations stakeholders.  It helps create immediate buy-in and provides multiple perspectives toward identifying long term strategies.  Looks at the past, present and future organization.  Follow-up provides for operationalizing your strategy through a unique action learning process.

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