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Program Design for Workgroup Coaching

Manager Interview

  • Interview with manager to establish expectations for the workgroup, workgroup development process, prior development experiences, and organizational culture

Agenda Setting

  • Meeting with workgroup to gather information regarding challenges for the team, competencies required for collective and individual success, prior development experiences, and organizational culture    
  • Instructions about administration of multi-rater instrument and selection of raters
  • Selection of individuals for qualitative interviews 
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Learning Style Inventory administration
  • Team development exercise

Colleague Interviews or Questionnaires 

  • Confidential, semi-structured interviews and questionnaires with 5-6 co-workers (including boss) to gather data regarding interpersonal style and impact, and corporate, leadership, and career issues
  • Analysis of data collected from interviews, multi-rater instrument, Learning Style Inventory and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Feedback Meeting with Participant

  • Presentation of analysis of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, multi-rater instrument, and colleague interviews
  • Determination of strengths and development goals
  • Team development and “real time” workgroup problem solving

Preparation of Developmental Action Plans

  • Assistance in creation of Developmental Action Plan that commits participants and the team to significant, visible, accountable stretch actions on the job
  • Preparation for presentation of action plan 

Developmental Action Planning Meeting

  • Presentation of action plans in meeting with participant, boss, and coach
  • Discussion of action plans, overt agreement on nature and extent of boss’s coaching support in enacting action plans

Follow-up Coaching and Development

  • Two follow-up team development days to include progress updates - what is working, what is not, what do we need to do? 
  • Two day Experiential Action Learning session
  • Individual coaching and development 3 months post program
  • Unlimited phone calls regarding individual development 

Six-month Wrap Up Meeting

  • Final Meeting with participant and manager to evaluate change, develop new plans, next steps in career process
  • Celebration and Outdoor Experiential Team development day

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