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Post-merger integration can make the difference between an acquisition or merger that is successful versus one that fails.  When formally separate groups of employees begin working together, the values, expectations, and preferences of each group – their unique style and culture – inevitably begins to cause friction and lost productivity.  This is not a fun time. 

Inroads Consulting provides facilitated processes and methods that help people in organizations quickly work through the cultural, style and process issues that typically inhibit “the best of both” groups being realized. 

     “…..more mergers fail due to inadequacies in post-merger integration rather than to any fundamental failure of strategic concept” [Booz-Allen & Hamilton, 2002]

Inroads Consulting seeks to help the post-merger integration process by:

  • Providing a process that speeds up decision making and planning
  • Weaving together work on the processes and people issues 
  • Surfacing hidden agendas and power issues
  • Developing roles and responsibilities - “who does what”
  • Mapping out the “integration plan”
  • Not providing boiler-plate solutions
  • Helping the people who do the work design the new organization

The ingredient missing from most mergers and acquisitions is careful, sustained attention to cultural and individual style aspects of the human integration process.  Inroads Consulting is fully prepared to provide this ingredient.

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