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Experiential Learning
One of the most powerful tools that we use is the experiential learning activity - due to its speed and effectiveness in achieving results.  Experiential Learning is based on the premise that people learn best from experience and from reflecting on that experience to gain insights for personal, professional and team development.  While on the surface the activities often appear to be simply "games", the team and leadership simulations that we use are a form of learning that serve as powerful "practice fields" to sharpen critical skills for on-the-job application.

Experiential Learning Cycle

Experiential Learning Cycle - Action -> Reflection -> Discussion -> Application ->  

How It Works
Focusing on group process, teams progress through a series of facilitated, creative problem-solving challenges and discussion after each challenge provides an opportunity to strengthen team functioning in a fun and stimulating fashion.  Based on your training objectives and the needs of the group, we will work with you to choose the best mix of challenges, level of facilitation and team development components.  While team development and learning from experience is the major focus, we combine a large element of fun in the mix to provide a catalyst for candid discussions as well as a willingness to try new and more effective team behaviors.

All of our Experiential Team Development programs are highly customized to address your organization/team’s objectives and desired results. Following a thorough assessment process, we will design a program that targets your outcomes. Programs can be designed for an indoor or outdoor setting, at your facility or at a conference off-site.

Experiential Team Development workshops are typically conducted for one to two days.  Many organizations chose to combine this experience with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator  Workshop and/or the Experiential Action Learning program to facilitate learning transfer by continuing the team development process through work on “real time” relevant business issues.

Whether focused on team building, leadership development, personal empowerment or simply celebration - we guarantee an experience that is powerful, results-oriented and fun. Click here to see a Typical Experiential Learning Day

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