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Executive DevelopmentExecutive Development is a proven strategy for the development of an organization’s talent, yet there are distinct challenges in selecting the right solution to fit the development goal.  Inroads offers four unique formats and coaching capabilities to address your development needs.  Performance goals, learning style, personal work orientation, individual impact, and organizational needs are all considered in each of the following formats.

Workgroup Coaching
Inroads can help workgroup members establish common strategies for meeting performance and business outcomes.  By gaining an understanding of individual strengths, workgroups can provide for greater utilization and development of the capabilities needed to reach common goals.  Whether a short-term task force, cross-functional team, newly formed team, or an established team every team can benefit from executive coaching.  Organizations that provide workgroup coaching “sharpen the saw” for members to move quickly through problem solving and obstacles that typically hinder groups from meeting business outcomes.

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