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Competency Modeling (local, regional & international)

Process Improvement - ImageWhile competency and performance improvement remain on the list of organizational goals, effective approaches for achieving these aims often remain elusive.  Inroads Consulting works with clients to develop competencies that fit the roles in your organization. 

We can help you implement research-based competency solutions if you are just beginning, or assist in aligning existing competency models from diverse operating units. 

Inroads Consulting uses Lominger Internationals’ process and materials for the selection of competencies and will help you design competency models for all the roles in your organization.  All the materials we use come in several languages and our consultants and associates are located in most major international cities.

Selecting the “right” competencies for the roles in your organization is the first step in the performance management process.  Developing a competency model with Inroads Consulting paves the way to develop:

  • Interviewing and selection processes
  • Multi-rater 360 development
  • Competency based performance review
  • Strategies for development that fit the person in the role

Inroads Consulting can help you design and deliver effective performance improvement programs that have as their foundation a research-based competency model on which you can build an effective performance management system.

For more information on costs and how to get started contact Bob Ward at Inroads Consulting 732-597-5931 or email

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