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Process ImprovementBusiness Process Improvement

Inroads Consulting process improvement methodology allows your organization to re-invent for themselves key business processes to obtain significant, targeted improvements.  Inroads consultants will walk your people through a creative process to look critically at the current organizational processes

Allowing the people who actually do the work redesign the processes has significant advantages to include:

  • Immediate buy-in the new process
  • Creates targeted change and transformation
  • Not a boilerplate solution, allowing for immediate fit to your culture
  • Keeps the knowledge and know how for continuous improvement within your organization – not with the consultants

This creative, facilitated process improvement workshop examines your organizations internal and external landscape to connect your strategy to process improvement that will have significant time, quality and cost impact.  Inroads consultants will help you gain perspective from your customers, stakeholders, and staff to develop targeted long and short term process improvements. 

Inroads Consulting business process improvement methodology begins with collecting data from stakeholders and staff to gain perspective on current processes.  A two day workshop follows to map out new more effective processes and to start the planning and implementation.  Follow-up includes a process of continually examining progress and mapping improvements. 

For more information on costs and how to get started contact Bob Ward at Inroads Consulting 732-597-5931 or email

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